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Guys Get Together - Lake Tahoe Strippers

A new study sheds light on why men like to get drunk together more than women do and our Lake Tahoe Strippers are here to encourage it.

Male bonding over booze and female strippers is an old ritual which is just as old as alcohol but todays science has finally shed light on why getting wasted with your buddies seems like a fantastic idea.

Smiles are contagious when you and your guys are sitting around checking out our south lake tahoe strippers and throwing back some beers. According to a recent study it suggests that booze serves as a social lubricant for men, making them more sensitive to socializing.  Yes, it loosens your inhibitions... Duh!

Researchers divided 720 “healthy social drinkers” — half men, half women, all ages 21 to 28 — into three groups. Each group received either an alcoholic drink (vodka cranberry, regrettably for any lab rats with refined taste, but so it goes), a placebo or a non-alcoholic drink. They found that, among men, smiles — and associated increases in positive mood and social bonding — tend to catch on, leaping from face to face, as it were, but only in exclusively male groups with adult entertainment.

Resarchers note that genuine smiles are perfectly contagious among sober women, just not sober men. A cold one merely evens the score for men, allowing them to catch smiles from each other, so long as there are strippers  present.

The presence of a stripper keeps drunk men from catching smiles from one another, except to say that booze seems to interrupt the process that normally prevents them from responding to another person’s smile.

Wanna know more? Why not book one of our lake tahoe strippers and talk over a lapdance or two. Better then talking about politics anytime.