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Strippers Gone Wrong!

Strippers-Gone-Wrong: Lake Tahoe Strippers Stories From Around The Web 
lake tahoe strippers
Granny Panties? No Thanks.
My buddy invited a few “strippers” to my suite at the MGM Grand to perform for myself and twenty guys. After watching them attempt to dance and seduce us, it was obvious that they were prostitutes who had no idea what they were doing.  Worse, one of them was wearing really nasty granny panties that were tattered and falling apart at the elastic. It was annoying at the time but turned out to be a great story,” Fred 
"I'd like to toast her marshmallow!
"Well, You Could Always Go Back To School“The guys got me a private dance for my bachelor party. Everything seemed fine when the woman walked in, but a few minutes into her routine, the waterworks started.  She has just started to strip to pay her rent and was feeling pretty guilty. I spent twenty minutes telling her about various temp agencies,” Hank
Someone Needs a Shower“
The stripper at my bachelor party gave me a lap dance and smelled like my socks after a long workout,” Mike
Now This Is a Party!
“On one evening in late December we were driving in the snow sleet with two female strippers who were to perform at a holiday party at a private residence. It was very difficult to find the location due to bad weather conditions. When we finally arrived we were a few minutes late so we rushed to the front door of the home where the girls were supposed to perform. There were party guests outside in front of the house, so we assumed we were at the correct home. I was the driver for the girls and rushed them in the door and they began to strip and get naked for the party while I went to collect the fee for the performance. There were about 50 plus people at the party and they were going wild – yelling and throwing tips at the girls – yet they seemed very surprised. Everyone was having a great time but there was no sign of the client, Dave, the man responsible for the bill. Confused, I asked, “Does anyone know where Dave is?” “I am Dave,” said one man. The problem was it was not the right Dave. We checked the address and realized that we had made a mistake; we were stripping at the wrong party! By the time I realized this, the girls were completely naked. I grabbed the girls and we dashed next door –naked in the snow– to the proper client’s home and Dave said “hey, thanks ladies please come again”.  This was an embarrassing mistake but we did gain a new client from the mix-up,” Danny,
Centerfold Strips.
Rule Number One: Clean The Poll  Uh, we're not sure that's hygienic. Just sayin'...“In the middle of whatever glam-band song that was playing, the stripper decided to attempt a poll trick without checking to see how much baby oil was on the thing. She climbed up, slipped, fell off of the poll and cut her knee. The manager fired her on the spot so we offered to take her to the local drug store to get some peroxide. She declined and limped into the back,” Gary.
Her Tale Gone Wrong
My girlfriends got me a hot stripper in a “stripper bus” which is where you drive around Vegas while a guy performs for the bachelorette party. I don’t know what female strippers do with their clients, but most of the male strippers I have seen get pretty racy and encourage women to do whatever they want to them. This guy took off everything and was having various girls grab his private parts. When he got to my maid of honor, he did his thing and she grabbed him a little too hard. He screamed in pain, told the driver to stop the music and told us the show was over. We all sat in silence as the driver took us back to the hotel. The company didn’t charge us so we used the money to go for drinks instead,” Megan.